History of Clay High School (1939)

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Clay High School is the Magnet High School for the Visual and Performing Fine Arts, and offers various fine arts classes such as dance, theatre techmusic theorydrawingphotographyceramics, and piano/keyboarding. Clay also offers a Fine Arts Connection course which traces the relationships in the fine arts throughout history with hands-on activities. All magnet students are entitled to free private music lessons.

 Advanced courses in Clay High School's music department require auditions. For those not interested in auditioning, basic classes are offered such as Mixed Choir, Orchestra, and Band. More advanced classes, such as Swing Choir, Advanced Choir, Women's Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and Jazz Band, require auditions (which usually occur at the beginning or end of the school year). The band, orchestra, and swing choir have all received Gold Division awards at ISSMA competitions.

Magnet grants also allow the school to perform four theatrical performances each school year: one play, two musicals, and a series of one-act plays. The school's thespian group performs shortened versions of these plays along with monologues and skits for competitions.

Visual Arts has also thrived. Since the beginning of the magnet program, many artists from Clay have attained varies from many contests such as the Scholastics Art and Writing. Visual Arts has established a strong base in the magnet program, create future artists respectively.

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